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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School community recognises that a uniform policy enables students, parents and staff to have clear directions on designated uniforms and personal standards. The school uniform gives the school an identity within the Springsure community and also fosters unity and equality amongst the students and enables them to displays loyalty and respect for their school.


Enrolment in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School requires students to wear the prescribed school uniform when in attendance at school or representing the school in the wider community. The uniform is to be worn in accordance with the school values and uniform guidelines as outlined below.

Who should join INCO Academy?

INCO Academy’s training programs are meant for anyone with curiosity and a desire to learn - there are no fees or qualifications required to join our programs.

Our experience has shown that students join our classroom from the following situations. Do any of these sound like you?

- You’re unemployed and curious about the world of tech
- You’re looking for a job change and wanting to explore your options in tech
- You’ve got the technical qualifications ...yet can’t land a job!

What will the course cost me?

INCO Academy offers full scholarships to students - there are no costs or hidden fees! We are a registered Australian charity and our generous donors cover the costs of our scholarships.

What kind of job will this course help me get?

The employment landscape in the tech and digital sectors is ever-changing. With this comes great opportunity for those equipped with 21st century skills. We want everyone to be able to step foot in this fast growing industry where the average salary is $80,000

Graduates of our programs now work as:
Web Designers | Web Developers | User Experience Designers
Data Analysts | Digital Marketers | SEO Consultants
Community Managers | Digital Mediators | Digital Project Managers

Don’t worry if you don’t know what kind of job you’re looking for, our Get Into Tech course is designed to introduce you to all the different roles available in the tech industry!

Can I do the course online?

Due to the spread of COVID-19, we have recently transitioned our classes fully online. This way you have the benefits of learning from the safety of your home, while still being a part of a community of learners on the same path as you. Each week, you will attend live, online classes, receiving real-time instruction and support from experts.

When will the classes be held?

The class times are different for each course.

At the moment, our Get Into Tech classes will be held on Monday and Thursday 10am-2pm Sydney time.

What if I'm not available on those days?

We encourage you to apply even if you aren't available on the set days.

We will be constantly running new courses throughout the year and our class times will change to meet the needs of as many of our applicants as possible.

What kind of student support do you offer?

We offer Zoom Office Hours 3 times a week, and online support Monday-Friday 9-5.

What kind of qualification does this course provide?

You will receive a certificate of completion upon graduation.

I have no tech experience, can I still apply?

Absolutely! Our course is open to everyone and will teach you the basics at your own pace.

Wearing of Uniform

Students are required to wear their school uniform to the highest of standards. Boys are to have their shirts tucked in at all times. The school hat is expected to be worn to and from school and during break times. If a child forgets to bring their school hat to school or it has been misplaced, then they are to sit under the covered area for the entirety of the lunch breaks.

The sports uniform is to be worn on a FRIDAY only. Students are also asked to change our of their uniform once they get home. Otherwise it is to be worn with pride. 

Uniform Purchases

Uniform Co-ordinator: Mrs Alison Roberts
For your convenience, the uniforms can be purchased from Monday to Friday, 8am to 3.30pm, during School Terms.

To assist with the purchasing of uniforms we also have order forms at the school office.

If you are looking for boys navy shorts and blue school shirts the following places supply these clothes:

  • Eagleshams Menswear
    Quality Menswear, Workwear and Footwear.
    PO Box 48 Emerald QLD 4720

       ph: (07) 4982 1104

  • Big W Discount Department Stores

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