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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School community recognises that a uniform policy enables students, parents and staff to have clear directions on designated uniforms and personal standards. The school uniform gives the school an identity within the Springsure community and also fosters unity and equality amongst the students and enables them to displays loyalty and respect for their school.


Enrolment in Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School requires students to wear the prescribed school uniform when in attendance at school or representing the school in the wider community. The uniform is to be worn in accordance with the school values and uniform guidelines as outlined below.

Day Uniform (BOYS)

Hat - Navy with School logo Shirt - Blue school shirt Shorts - Navy blue or long navy shorts as desired Socks - Short grey Shoes - Entirely black shoe

Day Unifrom (GIRLS)

Hat - Navy with School Logo Shirt - Striped school blouse (supplied by school uniform committee) Skort - Navy Skorts (supplied by school uniform committee) Socks - Short white Shoes - Entirely black shoe

Sports Uniform (BOYS & GIRLS)

Shirt - Blue, navy & gold polo neck T-shirt with custom collar (supplied by the school uniform commitee) Shorts - School sports shorts or plain navy short. Girls may wear navy skorts. Hat - Navy with School Logo Socks - White socks (minimal stripe or writing) Shoes - Sports shoes The sports uniform is to be worn on Fridays.

School Hat

Navy hat with embroidered school logo.

Personal Appearance

Students are expected to take pride in their personal appearance and come to school with groomed hair, no obvious make up, nail polish or stick on tattoos. Haircuts need to be of neat appearance without excessive colours or designs (eg. No bright colours, extensions, tracks or rats-tails).


Students may wear one plain pair of studs or sleepers in their earlobes only. Religious medallions and watches may also be worn. No other jewellery should be worn. Hair bands or ribbons should be plain and be representative of the school colours.

Winter Uniform

In cold weather, plain navy school jackets, woollen jumpers, parkas and navy tights may be added to the dress uniform. Plain navy track pants may be worn over shorts. A plain navy tracksuit may also be worn with the sports uniform in cold weather.

Wearing of Uniform

Students are required to wear their school uniform to the highest of standards. Boys are to have their shirts tucked in at all times. The school hat is expected to be worn to and from school and during break times. If a child forgets to bring their school hat to school or it has been misplaced, then they are to sit under the covered area for the entirety of the lunch breaks.

The sports uniform is to be worn on a FRIDAY only. Students are also asked to change our of their uniform once they get home. Otherwise it is to be worn with pride. 

Uniform Purchases

Uniform Co-ordinator: Mrs Alison Roberts
For your convenience, the uniforms can be purchased from Monday to Friday, 8am to 3.30pm, during School Terms.

To assist with the purchasing of uniforms we also have order forms at the school office.

If you are looking for boys navy shorts and blue school shirts the following places supply these clothes:

  • Eagleshams Menswear
    Quality Menswear, Workwear and Footwear.
    PO Box 48 Emerald QLD 4720

       ph: (07) 4982 1104

  • Big W Discount Department Stores

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