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8:40 AM

School Commences (Morning Bell)

10:45 - 11:25 AM


1:30 - 1:50 PM

Afternoon Tea


3:00 PM

School Finishes (Bus Bell rings at 2:55pm)

Arrival & Departure Times


No child should be at school before 8:20am unless written permission has been requested and approved by the principal. Children arriving before 8:20am will remain seated in the covered area until that time. A teacher commences playground duty at 8:20am each morning. If their class teacher is in the classroom they are permitted to unpack their equipment and perform other daily routines, provided the teacher remains in the classroom. Children must return to the covered area if the teacher leaves the room before the commencement of school (8:40am).


Children wait inside the school grounds/undercover area before departing by bus or car. Children who walk or ride bicycles are to depart immediately following the conclusion of the school day. Similarly, children are not allowed in the school grounds after school, unless under adult supervision. The playground equipment is not to be used before or after school.

Children who catch buses in the afternoon wait outside the administration block, under the supervision of a teacher, until their bus arrives. All other students are not to leave the school grounds until 3:00pm unless otherwise arranged by a parent.


Whole school assemblies are held Friday morning each week. Parents are invited and encouraged to attend each week.

Our Friday assembly is will begin at 8:40am in the Sacred Space. This year, the Year 5/6 students will be leading our Friday morning Assembly. The order of events for Friday’s Assembly are as follows:

  1. School Prayer

  2. Advance Australia Fair

  3. Prayer Assembly (when applicable)

  4. Principal’s Address

  5. Presentation of the Student of the Week/Principal/MJR awards

  6. Recognition of birthdays and other achievements by students, staff and parents are shared.

  7. Any other notices that students, staff or parents may have


Approximately every three weeks, we also have a class lead us in a Prayer Assembly during our Friday Assembly. A notice will be placed in the newsletter prior to this.


It is a statutory requirement that students attend school on each school day during the year. Parents/guardians are asked to notify the school via a telephone call or email whenever their child is absent. If written correspondence is be given to the class teacher (on return to school or beforehand if for a planned absence), the note must state the date(s), the reason(s) for the absence(s) and at least one signature is required.


Extended or repeated absence will be reported to the Principal who may require that the reason for absence be supported by a certificate from a medical practitioner. Normally, if no contact is made with the school after 2 days of a child’s absence, the school office will telephone the home.

Appointments in School Time:

At Our Lady of the Sacred Heart, we take the education of our children very seriously. It would, therefore, be expected that children would not be withdrawn from school for any appointments unless it is absolutely necessary, given the fact that there is ample holiday time for children to visit dentists and other professionals who may be treating them. If a student has an appointment (eg. medical or dental) during school hours, she/he must bring a note from home, explaining the reason for the request. The note will be given to the respective Principal for approval and signature, and then presented to the class teacher out of whose class the student leaves. These procedures allow the whole school administration to account for the presence or absence of a child at all times. This request is one of courtesy. Advance warning also allows the classroom teachers to make adjustments for the teaching of any new work that may be scheduled at that time, if at all possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

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