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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School Board
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Our School Board provides a structure and process for genuine partnership in planning, with shared decision making as its essence, within our Catholic Education community. Members of our School Board work together to provide support to the Principal in administration, policy and to manage educational change. Our Board members are a part of the school and/or parish community and have a commitment to uphold the Catholic ethos.

School Board Mission

In partnership with parents and the wider community, we as a school board will support the holistic education of students by working with the school to promote the fundamental uniqueness of OLSH.  We will strive to nurture partnerships which will strengthen enrolments and transitions between kindergarten and school.

As a school board we will continue to nurture a community of honesty, respect and care where each person is valued, and collaborative wisdom is shared for the benefit of the school.

School Board Vision

Board Members

Board Chair

Michael Jefferies



Selena Cutting

Parish Priest

Fr Truc Phan

Board Members

Anthony Whitehead

Carmel O'Keeffe

Bec Macdonald

Tamika O'Keeffe

School Review & Improvement Process

A significant and effective school review occurs at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart every five years. In 2020, The school participated in the Nation School Improvement Tool (NSIT) to review school processes. All key administrations, educational, social, cultural and technical aspects of the school were reviewed and recommendations and commendations were included in the overview. From this, the school developed a new School Improvement Plan for the next 3 years. Our next review is scheduled for 2025.

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