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Fees are levied for attendance at Catholic Schools. These fees are a necessary fact of life for schools such as ours. Our system gets some funds from the State Government and greater support from the Federal Government. These funds account for about 80% of the cost of educating your child.


There are three components which make up the cost of attendance at a Catholic School.

  • Tuition Fees – these are set by the Diocese and apply to every Catholic School in the Rockhampton Diocese.

  • Diocesan Levies – Levies set by the Diocese to help fund Capital projects at schools throughout the Diocese.

  • School Levies – these are levies applied by the school to help cover the operational cost of running the school.


Tuition Fees are set by the Rockhampton Diocesan Catholic Education Office and are the same for all schools in the Diocese. The Diocese is sincere in its efforts to keep fees down, and changes in these fees are only completed in consultation with school communities. These fees are used by the Diocese, together with government grants, to provide staff and operate the system. The fees are payable to the Diocese irrespective of whether the assessed amount has been collected from parents, that is, the school must make up any shortfall from its own funds.

Family discounts are indicated on the schedule of fees and are inclusive of children attending Catholic preschools and secondary schools within the diocese.

Payment of school fees is compulsory for all students attending a Diocesan school. Under particular circumstances a partial concession may be granted to families who apply for a concession. Concession applications are available through the Principal. Parents who are having a difficulty with their school fees payment are asked to contact the principal as soon as possible to discuss the matter.

Included in the enrolment package are the guidelines for Tuition fees.


The Diocese of Rockhampton has established School Building Funds which are used to fund construction and maintenance costs for each school in the Diocese. You will appreciate that there is substantial cost to the Diocese in maintaining and developing the existing school structure. Therefore, a levy is set at $320 per family per year. This money is then forwarded to the Diocesan Development Trust Fund by the school.


The School has Student Resource Levy and Technology levy that operates on a per child basis and is charged on term accounts. These levies assist the replacement costs of books required in classrooms and contribute towards the purchasing of supplies in the Key Learning Area of The Arts and Technology.

Student Resource Levy – This levy represents a partial contribution to the costs of day-to-day consumables, text materials and craft items used by the pupils as part of their normal class learning program. This levy also allows the school to purchase class sets of items used by the students which save parents having to buy them as part of the booklist. For example, we have class sets of Atlases, Dictionaries and calculators. The School Resource Levy is $35.00 per student per term to a maximum of $87.50 per family per term.

Technology Levy – The technology levy represents a contribution towards the maintenance and replacement of technology hardware and software. Technology levy is $25.00 per student per term to a maximum of $50 per family per term.

Book Levy – The book levy covers the purchasing of all texts books, writing books and stationery throughout the year. The book levy is $100 per student and will be charged in Term 1 school fees.

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