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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Religious Education

Celebration of the Sacraments

The preparation for the sacraments of Penance, First Eucharist and Confirmation is parish based. In the parish, there is a Sacramental Team who organises and provides input to parents who have a child /children preparing for the celebration of the above sacraments. The school supports the students by basing the content we teach on the sacrament being prepared for and celebrated at a particular time. The Assistant to the Principal – Religious Education (APRE) of the school is normally a member of the sacramental team.


Throughout each term, time is set aside when the whole school comes together for a short time to participate in hymn singing. The hymns and songs for upcoming celebrations form the focus of these sessions and may be in preparation for a forthcoming liturgy/mass.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Religion Education

Religious Education

The teaching of Religious Education is an integral part of our school. All students participate in Religious Education lessons for 2½ hours per week. Included in this time may be the singing of hymns, Making Jesus Real program, participation in various liturgies and prayer. All content taught to the students is based on the official teachings of the Catholic Church.

Religious Liturgical Celebrations

Our School is a Catholic School and we celebrate this in many ways. Liturgical celebrations are a very important part of school life. All children participate in these celebrations and assist in their preparation. Celebrations may be in the form of Mass, Prayer Celebrations, Prayer Assemblies or classroom prayer. The whole school community is invited to join these celebrations. You will be informed of these celebrations through the newsletter and class emails.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Religious Celebrations

Making Jesus Real (MJR)

MJR is a values program based on the teachings of Jesus Christ. Within the program, children are encouraged to recognise the good in their lives, focus on these aspects and take time to thank God for them. In terms 1 & 4, students participate in a short meditation session that enables them to stop and reflect on the “God Moments’ that they experience. In terms 2 & 3, our school leaders develop MJR activities to use when facilitating peer groups. Each week, the children explore an aspect of everyday life from the viewpoint of, ‘What would Jesus say about this’ and then discuss the effects it would have on themselves and the people around them.

Making Jesus Real
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