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Throughout the year, the school will organise several educational excursions and opportunities for students to extend their learning beyond the classroom. It is expected that all students will participate as part of the educative process provided by the School.

Excursions will include academic excursions and co-curricular, cultural and sporting excursions, such as eisteddfods and athletics, as well as school organised camps.

In the event of an excursion being planned, parents will be informed and a note of consent sent home to be completed. Costs will always be kept to a minimum. No child will be excluded from an excursion because of an inability to pay the costs. If parents find themselves in this situation, they are to contact the principal. If private transport is required, parents will be asked to complete additional information to ensure the safety of our children.


Sports Carnivals

At the commencement of each year, students are allocated to one of our two sporting houses - Zamia (Green) or Nogoa (Red). If the student has a sibling at the school, he/she will be in the same 'house' as their brother or sister.

During the year, the students represent their sporting house at our school’s cross country, swimming and athletics carnivals. The swimming carnival is normally in Term 1 and athletics in Term 3. All children from Preparatory to Year 7 are expected to participate and earn valuable points for their house team. Parents, relatives and friends are also encouraged to participate either as volunteers or as active supporters.

Interschool Sport

Children in Years Four and up participate in interschool sporting fixtures including netball, touch and football.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Interschool Sport


All children at Our Lady of the Sacred Heart have the opportunity to learn to swim. We usually have six weeks of swimming in Term One and another six weeks in Term Four. The children are taught in small groups which range in size depending on the level of instruction needed and the ability of the children.


Excursions are an important element of the curriculum and are encouraged for all Levels. Staff are always looking for opportunities to visit local attraction/resources that will help enhance their planned units of work. Every year, each year level, will go on at least one excursion.

Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Excursions
Our Lady of the Sacred Heart Camps


Every year, Year 5/6 are taken on a camp. The length of the camp is 4-5 nights. Depending on the costs involved, fund raising is often 'done' to help reduce the price per student.

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