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15th February
Grip Leadership Emerald

17th February
HPE Swimming
District Netball Trials

23rd February
Josh Arnold - Small Town Culture

24th February
HPE Swimming

27th February

District Rugby League Trials

28th February
Shrove Tuesday

1st March
Ash Wednesday

2nd March
School Board Meeting 3.30pm

6th March

P&F Meeting 5pm


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Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School is a Catholic, Co-educational Primary School offering Prep – Year 6. It is situated at Springsure, in the Central Highlands region of Queensland. Our aim is to provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which our children gain an enthusiasm for learning in order to achieve their full potential. We are a vibrant and welcoming community founded on the values of the Gospel.

Our teachers and staff are highly-trained professionals who respect children and who are always approachable. We believe in a parental partnership, with the school working closely with the family to achieve the very best all-round education for each and every child.

We do hope you find our website helpful but encourage you to visit the school. We will be delighted to meet you and to welcome you to Our Lady of the Sacred Heart School.

Community News

WOW!! What a week it has been. When planning the 2017 School Calendar, the Josh Arnold (Small Town Culture) songwriting experience was identified as one of the true features/highlights for the year. Certainly, those sentiments rang true with the arrival of Josh on Thursday. It is fair to say, the visit created a tremendous amount of ‘hype’ and ‘zing’ to our already vibrant school community!!

The purpose of Josh’s visit was twofold: For children in Years 4 – 6 to generate ideas and collaboratively draft an ‘OLSH School Song’ in which the children will sing to, perform and then produce as a film clip. Children in Prep – Year 3 on the other hand, were gifted the task of collaboratively generating ideas and collaboratively writing a song of significance to OLSH which will also be recorded.

I’m sure the kids will acknowledge the songwriting caper is not as easy as it looks, it’s extremely challenging: requiring creativity, imagination and persistence. However, to say I am proud of the students in this project would be a gross understatement. The students and Josh, worked tirelessly on the lyrics over two days to create two amazing songs. The school song, titled ‘Living Our Lady’s Way’ can be best described (by Josh) as an epic song with deep and profound lyrics. While, in contrast, ‘The Sacred Space’ composed by the Prep – Year 3 is fun and bubbly!!

In my opinion, the students of OLSH have created a masterpiece, something to be cherished and treasured forever. It is something symbolic of the lives in which they live. It tells the story of our school, our culture and what we strive to live by. It tells the story of our kids and their place in the community. It also portrays the special and unique characteristics each one of our children possess that contribute to ‘Living Our Lady’s Way’. I guess it’s one of the reasons why Josh labeled these songs some of the deepest and thought provoking that he has written!!

Next Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th Josh will return to Springsure to wrap up recording and filming, with the clips expected to be released in early March. Be sure to flick through the Newsletter to have a look at the lyrics of each song!!


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